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Never Again, Camp Boiro!


Baldet Ousmane

Ministre des Finances

Baldet was arrested and held prisoner. On January 25, 1971 he was hanged in public at Tombo Bridge in Conakry.  May his soul rest in peace. Amen!




Magassouba Moriba

Minister of Interior

(May 8,1919 – January 25, 1971).

Born in Siguiri Guineanm Moriba Magassouba graduated from the of École normale supérieure William Ponty and was a Democratic Party of Guinea (PDG) activist. In the Upper Guinea in the early 1950s.

Elected Mayor of Kankan in 1956, he later served as head of the police and internal Security as well as Minister of Interior.

Magassouba was arrested and held prisoner. On January 25, 1971 he was hanged in public at Tombo Bridge in Conakry.


Abdoulaye Djibril Barry

Abdoulaye Djibril Barry

1936 –1972

Born in Timbo-Ley-Seere, Mamou, Guinea; Barry, Abdoulaye Djibril was technocrat, patriot and great servant of the state eager to see develop his country and countrymen.
Married Nadine Boissieras on February 18, 1961. Barry was also the father of 4 children: Asma, Sonna, Yasmine & Imran.





On this date in 1971, at least four former members of Guinea’s government were publicly hanged for supposed complicity in the previous year’s Portuguese invasion from neighboring Guinea-Bissau.

The coup-threatened government of Sekou Toure was trying to send a message:

It did not scruple to make examples of men and women in very high places. Ousmane Balde (or Baldet) was Guinea’s former Finance Minister,Magassouba Moriba an Interior Minister, Barry III (also known as Ibrahima Barry; the link is French) the former Secretary of State. Keita Kara Soufianahad been Chief of Police. Loffo Camara was a National Assembly member.

Besides the quality of its reprisal victims, Conakry went in for quantity, too. Somewhere close to 100 death sentences were handed down with the barest of legal pretense, and the majority of them actually carried out on and around this date.

Personally arranging the grisly tableau for our hanged ex-ministers was a captain, Diarra Traore, who would one day help to overthrow the Guinean government, become Prime Minister … and wind up executed himself for his trouble.

Guinea-Bissau was at that time still a Portuguese possession, known as Portuguese Guinea.

Partial list of victims of October 18, 1971 massacres:

According to the testimonies of survivors of political detention camps , in the night of 17 to 18 October 1971 , seventy ( 70) detainees were extracted from their different cells, stripped naked, tied up and piled into trucks, towards the scaffold.

This unforgettable night in October 18, 1971, seventy Guineans who had fought for the independence of their country, were shot on the orders of Sékou Touré.

Almost all were senior executives of state, ministers, ambassadors, governors, judges, engineers, doctors and teachers.

Why this date of 18 October 1971? Because, it was ritual sacrifices prescribed by occult lights then plan for the fall of the Ivorian President Houphet- Boigny. These 70 men were taken from their cells in four political detention camps: Boiro (Conakry), Kémé Bouraïma (Kindia), Sundiata Keita (Kankan) and El Hadj Oumar Tall (Labe).

 Here is a partial list of victims murdered in the night of October 17 to 18, 1971, prepared by the Association of victims of Camp Boiro. If you find names that are missing and photos, please forward to us:

ARIBOT « SODA » Souleymane - Planteur
BAH Bademba - Notable
BAH Mody Baïlo - Commerçant
BAH Thierno Ibrahima - Gouverneur /Chef de Cabinet
BALDE Abdoulaye - Directeur Ecole Militaire
BALDE Oumar - Ingénieur Secrétaire Exécutif OERS
BAMA Marcel Mato - Ministre - 3 Août 1971 à Siguiri
BANGOURA Karim - Ex Ambassadeur, Ministre des transports
Barry Abbas - Douanier
BARRY Cellou - Inspecteur des Douanes
BARRY Mody Oury - Industriel (Fils de l’Almamy de Mamou)
CAMARA Ali - InspecteurAffaires financières (douanier)
CAMARA Baba - Gouverneur
CAMARA Bakary - chef de quartier - Juillet 1971
CAMARA Bakary - Président du Tribunal
CAMARA Doussou Mory - Financier
CAMARA Fama - Douanier
CAMARA Filas - Contrôleur du travail
CONDE Emile - Gouverneur de Kankan (ancien Ministre ) - Juillet 1971
COUMBASSA Abdoulaye - Commissaire de Police (Sécurité N’Krumah)
DIALLO Abdoulaye - Docteur Chirurgien
DIALLO Alpha Amadou « M’en Parler » - Ministre de l’information - Juillet 1971
DIALLO Alpha Taran - Chirurgien, Ministre
DIALLO Karo - Infirmier Camp Boiro - Juillet ou octobre 71
DIALLO Oumar Kounda - Gouverneur
DIALLO Oury Missikoun - Inspecteur Finances
DIALLO Souleymane - Ex Minsitre Commerce Extérieur
DIALLO Souleymane Yala - Directeur des prix et conjonture - arrêté 1971
DIALLO Youssouf Lieutenant - Juillet ou octobre 71
DIOP Ahmadou Tidiane “Saint Germain” - Restaurateur
DIOP Tidiani - Directeur Administratif FRIA
FASSOU Michel - Sous-Lieutenant - Janvier ou octobre 71 ???????
GHUSSEIN Fadel - Chef de Cabinet - arrêté 1971
HABA Paul - Commissaire - 1971
HANN Saïdou ????
KABA ELHADJ Diafodé - Janvier ou octobre 71 ??????
KABA Mamady - Notable (Société Sogonikoun)
KEITA Fadiala - Ambassadeur (Directeur Général OBK) - Juil.-71
KEITA Kémoko - Magistrat (Procureur Général) - arrêté 1971
KOIVOGUI Massa - Planteur, Secrétaire Fédéral Macenta
KOUROUMA Missa - Ex Fédéral de macenta
KOUROUMA Soma - Ct Camp Samory - Juillet ou octobre 71 ???????
MAKADJI Tidiane - Agent SNE - Juillet ou octobre 71
MATHOS Gnan Felix - Directeur Banque
M’BAYE Cheick Oumar - Ambassadeur - 6 août 1971
N’DIAYE Boubacar - Lieutenant - Juillet ou octobre 71 ???????
PORRI René, dit Doumbouya - Chef Milicien Conakry 2
SAGNO Mamady - Ministre -Juillet 1971
SASSONE André - Directeur (témoin de mariage Sékou Touré) - arrêté 1971
SAVANE Morikandian - Ministre
SOW Aliou - Contributions Diverses
SOW Mamadou - Vétérinaire, Ministre du Plan.
SYLLA Fodé Saliou - Magistrat Procureur adjoint, - arrêté 1971
SYLLA Mamadouba - Chef réseau SNE - Juillet ou octobre 71
THIAM Baba Hady - Directeur de Banque - Juillet ou octobre 71
TOUNKARA Tibou - Ministre - Juillet 971
TOURE Kerfala - Urbanisme et Habitat
TOURE Sékou Sadibou - Industriel Malien Directeur Fruitaguinée


Diallo Telli

Boubacar Diallo Telli was a Guinean diplomat and politician. He helped found the Organisation of African Unity and was the first secretary-general of the OAU between 1964 and 1972.


Keira Kara de Soufiane

In Memoriam

Kéïta Kara de Soufiane: Former Commissioner of Police.

One of the designers of the Guinean road system.

Keita was arrested and held prisoner. On January 25, 1971 he was hanged in public at Tombo Bridge in Conakry. May his soul rest in peace. Amen!